Judy Frankel Antiques Centre of Troy Owner Judy Frankel has earned a reputation locally and nationally for offering an eclectic mix of antiques and quality service at a fair price. Specializing in French, Belgian and English antiques, Frankel understands her clientele and caters to their needs, as both antiques dealer and designer.

The Troy-based gallery will unveil the new Bespoke Collection, Frankel's own line of European handcrafted, custom furniture inspired by both mid-century and the art deco movement. The classic pieces are at once timeless and modern.

She began designing as a way to fill the need for transitional pieces she could not find in the antique world. Her pieces are so authentic 1930's, the Bespoke Collection has caught the eye of Hollywood filmmakers. The quality, workmanship and design reflects Judy Frankel Antiques Centre of Troy reputation of top-notch.

In the burgeoning film business across Michigan, the Judy Frankel Antiques Centre of Troy rented out more than 200 of its pieces for use in such movies as Clint Eastwood's much-heralded Gran Torino and Wes Craven's upcoming, anticipated sequel, Scream 4, including pieces from the Bespoke Collection has been among them.

From set decorators to designers, photographers to individuals seeking that special item for their home or office, Judy Frankel Antiques Centre of Troy caters to a diverse clientele. The gallery kicked off 2011 with a fresh look. Frankel has expanded the already vast space to fill a total of 9,000 square feet with her carefully curated selection of fine European antiques.

The new space includes new architectural elements, flooring and an expanded selection of antiques from which designers, collectors ­- and yes, film set decorators - can choose.

"I could not be happier with the results," said Frankel, who travels extensively to personally select the items she carries at Antiques Centre of Troy. "Our future shipments will be larger and reflect the many trends in design that clients desire. We believe there is no gallery comparable to ours in Michigan and, perhaps, in the Midwest."


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