Abby Wilcox

Excerpt from "The Etsy Marketplace: A Thriving Artistic Outlet"

If you haven't yet hopped on Etsy, you are missing out.

Etsy has burgeoned recently as an online marketplace for creatives to vend their handmade items...

Like a virtual flea market, on Etsy, you can find anything from vinyl wall decals to furniture made from cow hide to air plants! In fact, some venders make a solid living (more than 100k) selling their creations. Not a bad gig, huh?

We spent a little tlme selecting a few retro peices here to help appease your inner fashion guru:

Tired of the boring daily grind necktie? The detailed graphics on the neckties by Cyberoptix Tielab from Detroit are silkscreened to perfection and sent in a gift box, no matter what the occasion.


Elisse said...

Glad to see Etsy getting some recognition. Very swank website.

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