Motor City to get 400 miles of bike lanes

Giffels-Webster, along with Archive DS, Carter & Burgess, and Brogan & Partners, was selected to assist the City of Detroit in embarking on an enormously significant opportunity to expand the current concepts of “non-motorized transportation” in the City of Detroit.

These green threads are a vision beyond parks, plants, and the visual aspects of the past. The new urban trails encompass transportation, urban wildlife, flood control, utilities, education, neighborhood planning, and other threads of the urban fabric

The environmental scan of the city along with the extensive community involvement helped clarify the dynamics of various corridors and uncover community treasures, landmarks, destinations, and neighborhood resources. The urban trails connect diverse and incompatible land uses and bridge the isolation of car-based planning and architectural monuments. Accordingly, the Urban Non-Motorized Transportation Master Plan has become a vital component of a world-class city and affirms the continuing commitment in neighborhood revitalization.

Map of Plan


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