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Meet the Founders Behind 25 Promising Companies
By Nick Leiber, Sommer Saadi, Victoria Stilwell, Joel Stonington, John Tozzi, and Venessa Wong

When asked readers over the summer to suggest the most promising companies run by entrepreneurs 25 or younger, more than 200 people responded. We've narrowed the suggestions to 25 finalists whose stories are told here. Please take a look and then vote, through Oct. 20, for the one you think is most promising. We'll announce the top five readers' picks on Oct. 27.

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Texts From Last Night
What it does: Humor blog
Founders: Lauren Leto, 24, and Ben Bator, 25
Revenue 2010: $1 million
Revenue 2011 (projected): $2 million

Intended for readers trolling for a quick laugh, Texts From Last Night is an irreverent blog that collects raunchy cell phone texts and posts selections without attribution. Started for fun in 2009 by friends Lauren Leto, now 24, and Ben Bator, now 25, while attending law school at Wayne State University in Detroit, the blog has grown into a popular franchise, including a book of the same name and paid mobile apps that have been downloaded more than 1 million times. Seizing momentum from the blog’s success, Leto has raised nearly $1 million for her latest venture, Bnter, an online software platform for individuals who want to save and share memorable text messages or other digital exchanges with friends or family. Launched in February with co-founder Patrick Moberg, 25, Leto says Bnter (pronounced Banter) will earn money through advertising. While she runs both businesses, Leto is also working on a book of essays for Harper Perennial titled Judging a Book by Its Lover. —Nick Leiber

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By Eric Smith
The Bleacher Report

According to local Indianapolis newspaper the Indianapolis Star, the Izod IndyCar Series will return to Detroit next season.

The city council approved the return today and it seems like Belle Isle will return to the schedule.

As of now the race is scheduled to be run the first weekend in June and race day will be June 3, 2012.  The Grand Prix of Belle Isle will be the first race run after the Indianapolis 500.

Next year will be the first time the Izod IndyCar Series returns to Belle Isle since 2008.

I believe that this deal was done to keep new engine supplier Chevrolet happy.

Chevrolet returns to the Izod IndyCar series as an engine supplier next season and where would you want to stage an event to make an engine supplier happy?  Of course the motor city.

I think it's only fair that if Detroit is added back to the schedule, then you need to keep Twin Ring Motegi. Motegi is the Honda test track and Honda has been extremely loyal to the Izod IndyCar Series by supplying engines for years.

It was also announced that this is the last year the series will go to Japan, which is upsetting because those fans are passionate about IndyCar racing and deserve to keep their race.
Greg Morabito


New York chefs know that if you're gonna steal, you should steal from the best. Here's a list of 10 dishes that first received acclaim at one restaurant, and were subsequently copied by a bunch of other ones.

7) The Pickle Back: It's not a dish, but this trendy drink has taken New York by storm lately — it's just a shot of straight booze with a chaser of artisanal pickle juice. You'll see hipsters slamming these back at The Breslin and Death and Co., but the trend apparently started at the Bushwick Country Club in 2006, when the bar was sharing a basement with McClure's Pickles. As the story goes, one of the bartenders guzzled the green stuff after a shot of whiskey as a joke, but he liked what he tasted and decided he should force it upon paying customers.

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The Associated Press

A group of local artists, designers, writers and others has transformed a piece of vacant land in Detroit into a European-style beer garden.

The Tashmoo Biergarten will pop up once a week and feature a rotating selection of beer by Michigan brewers, local food vendors and board games to keep patrons entertained throughout its run, which will be five Sundays, from Sept. 25 through Oct. 23.

Organizers say "tashmoo" is a Native American word understood to mean "meeting place."

Event co-founder Suzanne Vier says Tashmoo Biergarten is patterned after European beer gardens, which she says are great places "for people within a community to come together while drinking a beer, having a bite to eat, or playing a game of chess outdoors with their neighbors."

People Mover Trailer from 4exit4 on Vimeo.

Attend the official "People Mover" premiere tomorrow, Sunday September 25th at 7:30 pm at the Tashmoo Biergarten!